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The Turnbull Settlement “Smyrnea’ “

Explore New Smyrna Beach’s British Colonial Beginning

Andrew Turnbull arrives in 1768 with over 1200 indentured European people from Italy, Greece, and Spain to create a thriving agricultural enterprise.  Lofty plans and expectations of bountiful harvests meet the reality of unpredictable Florida weather, mismanagement, and cruel treatment.

Smyrnea’ ​- The largest British Settlement in North America 1768-1777

Interactive Turnbull Settlement Booklet

Use the section below to interact with our Turnbull Settlement Booklet, you can view in full screen and even single page mode (which will make it easier to read on mobile devices).

The Turnbull Settlement 1767-1768

W/Jim Engelbrecht. After visiting East Florida Turnbull spends a year gathering settlers in Europe.

Dr. Andrew Turnbull Prepares the New Smyrna Settlement

W/Author Lea Craig of The Minorcan Experience of St. Augustine.

Turnbull's Golden Dreams w/ Jim Engelbrecht

From recruitment to rebellion, Jim Englebrecht gives a full account of how Andrew Turnbull’s golden dream of building wealth in the British colonies came to a tragic end back in 1777.

Hi-Lights, The Turnbull Canal System

This video short gives a detailed overview of the canal system developed by the Turnbull Settlers in the late 1700s

The Minorcan Community After Turnbull

W/Author, and historian Sandie Stratton. This program explores the people who became known as Minorcans, after they escaped The Turnbull Settlement and made new homes in St. Augustine.

The Minorcans of Florida

W/Author, and Historian Sandie Stratton. This lively and informal discussion about the Minorcan community took place following Sandie’s program about the Minorcans of Florida.

Hi-Lights, The Odyssey Greek Memoria

This video short gives a detailed overview of the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association’s (AHEPA) efforts to commemorate New Smyrna Beach as the birthplace of Greek American Culture.